I'm just your average Mom & Wife,
who leads a fabulously crazy life.
I do a million & 1 things during the day,
and try like heck to blog about them!


Happy 1st day of Summer!! 
Yesterday I put together a 4th of July party table.
Here are a couple sneak peeks!

Would you believe I did this for less than $20?
For more pictures, and links on how to create your own celebration,
head on over to my party blog!


Jordan loves to paint!

Jordan is at a very fun age! He loves to draw outside with chalk,
and now he's getting into painting!
I bought some water colors, and a doodle pad at Dollar Tree recently.
I filled a little cup with water, and I let him go to town!

He's a baby Picasso!!

This adorable smile is what makes my World go 'round!
Can you tell he was having fun?!


Our scary Saturday morning

On Saturday, our cul-de-sac had a block sale.
Jordan had fun going from house to house, and visiting.
When he stopped at my Grandparent's house, he found a US Flag!
He was waving it around so cute.
And he loved waving it high, and watching it catch a slight breeze.
I was closely following him as he'd stop at a tree, or bush, and wave his flag.
As he was walking in our yard, he lost his footing, and fell.
But this wasn't just a little trip, or tumble...
He fell onto the bottom end of the wooden dowl that held the flag.
When I quickly scooped up my little guy, who was already crying,
I noticed that the flag handle was lodged in his throat.
{I'm starting to cry all over again, as I recall the horrible story} 
After pulling the flag out of his mouth, I quickly scooped him up, 
and yelled for Danny, who was at the next house over.
I immediately saw Jordan's mouth start to pool with blood.
I rushed over to the porch to sit down, 
and I couldn't help but start crying, and praying out loud.

I truly believe we had an Angel sent from above, that morning.
At that very moment of Jordan's accident, there was an EMT 
shopping at the yard sale next door to us!
He saw everything, and rushed over to me, announcing that he could help.
My heart was pounding so loud, I could hardly hear anyone talking.
Jordan would not stop crying, and I was shaking with fear.
I knew deep down inside that this was bad.
The EMT told me that Jordan's loud crying was a good sign.
But I wasn't convinced. And I notice that Jordan was getting drowsy.

While I was talking with the EMT, Danny had quickly called 911.
I'd say within 10 seconds, 4 police officers swiftly pulled up to our driveway.
and within 10 seconds from that, a fire engine & ambulance arrived!
The EMT left very quickly once everyone arrived.
{It was almost as if he disappeared in thin air}
I realize that I was so focused on Jordan's condition, 
that I didn't notice the young man walk away, or even leave in his car.
It's now that I wish I at least knew his name. He deserves a thank-you from us!

The medics, and police officers were talking to Jordan,
and trying to look inside his mouth. Of course Jordan wasn't having that!
He kept telling everyone "no, no, no" and then he'd
hide his face in Danny's shoulder, and continue crying.
We tried to distract him by blowing bubbles, but it didn't work. 
He was quickly rushed to the ER, and luckily he was able to get in right away!
Danny, Jordan, nor I knew what would be in store for us, once we got there.
It's heart-breaking to see your baby tied up as he's kicking & screaming.
The doctors needed to quickly see how serious Jordan's injury was.

Once they tied him down, they had to look in his throat.
It was then that we learned that Jordan had a very deep puncture that was
dangerously close to his tonsil, which was also dangerously close to his artery.
In order to see if there was more damage than meets the eye,
The doctor informed us that Jordan would need a CAT scan.
If the artery was damaged at all, we would then have to 
rush him over to a facility that handled pediatric surgery.

I felt like I was in a dream. How did we get here?!
One minute Jordan was waving a flag, and the next minute, 
we were waiting for a CAT scan!?! I couldn't comprehend.
He wasn't running with scissors, he wasn't playing near a swimming pool,
he wasn't even jumping around with the flag!! He innocently tripped.
A freak accident indeed. 
Once again, I was having to watch my baby get strapped down as he was screaming.
He was so scared, and had NO idea what was happening.
He kept calling for me, and reaching out his hand as he layed on the table.
I tried to comfort him, but he was beyond listening.
I wanted to kick & scream too. I wanted to trade places with him so badly!
The scan was very quick. And he was in my arms, once again.
But it seemed like an eternity as we waited for the doctor's results.

Thank God for good news! The artery was untouched!
However, the doctor informed us that there was a deep cut, and that Jordan
will need to follow up with an ENT {ear, nose, throat specialtist} on Monday.
About 3 hours later, we were finally on our way home.
Jordan was completely out of it. He was in so much pain.
He just looked at us with sad eyes. 
He wouldn't swallow, and continued to cry, which in turn, hurt his throat.

 He was happy to be back home. We all were.
I'm sending a BIG thank you to our friends, family, and even strangers 
that were helping us with prayers.  It was very comforting.
Thank you to my best friend, who rushed over to the hospital, and then
stayed at our house with Nina, until we got home. Thank you Cheryl!! XoXo

Later that evening, we heard a knock at our door.
One of our neighbors brought Jordan a get well balloon, and a new book!
It actually put a tiny smile on Jordan's face. Thank you Molino family!
Last night, Jordan wouldn't eat. I knew it was because he was in pain.
He wouldn't even suck on his pacifier. He wasn't swallowing at all.
He would just let his pacifier hand out of his mouth, and he would just drool.
It was so heartbreaking to see him like this.

Now we fast forward to this morning. Look at his face!!!
This is the picture of how God, and prayers work.
Jordan woke up this morning, in very good spirits!
He was talking, swallowing,  and even asked for a cookie when he woke up.
Before I got up to get him a bottle, he started jumping on me with a big smile!
I enjoyed our little wrestling match more than ever, this morning! 
I will never forget this picture, as long as I live.
This afternoon, another one of our neighbors came down to visit.
Wendy, from Whimsy & Wise, walked over with her family, 
and brought Jordan a little box, filled with sidewalk chalk, and hot wheels!
  This weekend we were reminded at how precious life really is.
We also learned just how kind family, friends, and strangers can be.
We really appreciate all the prayers, facebook messages, 
texts & phone calls we received this weekend!
Thank you all so much!


Friday night pizza!

Friday nights are one of my favorite days of the week.
It's the last day of the work week for Danny & I, and
Nina & I attend her girl scout meeting - which are usually very fun for her!

On this particular Friday evening, we didn't have a gs meeting.
So, I thought it would be fun for the kids to help with dinner.
I let them make pizzas for all of us!

Nina & Jordan did a great job spreading sauce on the crust.

This was something new for Jordan.
But he always enjoys doing new things with Nina!

Nina took her pizza creation very seriously.

Jordan didn't do too badly while spreading the pizza sauce.
His technique included some sauce splattering!

Bring on the mozarella!
Nina LOVES cheese pizza. 
Jordan was getting the hand of sprinkling his cheese!

Nina's pizza masterpiece is ready for the oven!

Jordan decided to add a little more sauce on top of his cheese.

My two pizza makers did a great job!
And the best part: I didn't have to cook, and they had lots of fun together! 
Here's to more fun Friday nights with my kiddos : )


Hi folks! I wanted to let you know that I'm entered in the
Circle of Moms: Top 25 Party Planning Mom - 2012 contest!!

I realize that I won't make it to the top 25 in the 6 short days that are left,
but if I could get your vote, I would be mucho grateful, and even a little giddy!
It's a contest to help promote, and recognize moms who blog about planning parties.
{be sure to check out my party blog LAURA'S little PARTY}
As of right now, my blog entry is pending approval.
But don't let that stop you!! I can still collect your votes!!

Be sure to clock on the 'Pending Approval' tab, and find LAURA'S little PARTY!
Thank you SO much for your awesome support!


I had a really great Mother's Day weekend a few weeks ago!
It's actually one of my favorite holidays : )
The kids get so excited to find ways to express their love for Me.
I feel like a million bucks with them in my life!

This year I had the pleasure of attending a Mother's Day tea,
during one of Nina's girl scout troop meetings. 
It was seriously, so cute!
The troop leader does a great job every year. 
She certainly knows how to make us Moms feel special!
I sipped on some delicious hot tea, and nibbled on pound cake,
cupcakes, and chocolate covered Oreos that I brought.
I've got a tutorial on how I made the chocolate covered treats.
You can follow this link to my party blog, LAURA'S little PARTY!

On Mother's Day, I was treated to a delightful breakfast in bed!
A pineapple fruit cup, warm & freshly baked cinnamon rolls,
homemade waffles, and hot tea in my favorite mug, hit the spot!

After breakfast, it was time for gifts!!
I was greeted by a lovely wooden sign that had my favorite 
3 little words written on the front!
And I spotted a Tiffany's bag...

Inside my bag, was an amazing blue box.
And inside that box, was a beautiful gift card!
As it turned out, my hubby & daughter went down to the store to
buy me a pair of sunglasses that I've had my eye on.
{no pun intended}

Sadly, the store was out of stock. So they got me a gift card to
put towards the purchase of the sunglasses on my wish list!
I hopped online as soon as I could!
Here are the sunglasses I picked out : )

Later that day, we all went over to my Grandparent's house to celebrate.
My Parents came over, my Aunt & Uncle, and our cousins.
It was really a great time!
While my little guy was napping, my 2 older kids & I had a photo sesh.
This is what happens when my older son holds the camera!

What is it with my kids, and their "camera faces"?!

I love my oldest brat! It's hard to believe that he'll be 19!!

Another great picture with my babies {minus little man}

This was truly my BEST Mother's Day yet!
I'm blessed with such amazing kids, and a wonderful husband!


I've got myself a camera ham!

I adore my kiddos! All 3 of them.
My teenager recently moved out on his own, 
so he isn't here in our morning photo session.
But he does stop by every now & then : )
One Sunday morning, as I'm looking like I just crawled out of bed,
{maybe I did, maybe I didn't}
I had my iPhone in hand, and took advantage of 
the photo opp, with my two youngest.

My kids have always been photogenic. 
{My camera was forever in their faces}
Now that little guy has come along, he too enjoys his time to shine!

Once Jordan noticed his face in the camera, he started putting on a show!

We're all still smiling... Wait for it!

And there he is! My little hammy!

He's on a roll! He really enjoys making all his "camera faces"

Nina & I couldn't help but giggle with each picture we took.
Sometimes he's just too funny!

I wonder where he gets that cheesy smile from...??


Fun in the desert!

Last month, we packed up the trailer, and headed out to ride!
I was really looking forward to some time away from home.
Boy did it feel great to not have any cell service.
I went through Facebook withdrawals, but I survived!

Jordan had the best time exploring, walking, and running.
Here he is on one of his many walk-abouts.

Danny was blowing bubbles for Jordan, and he loved it!!

Jordan had to make sure everything was in good, working condition.
{he just got done watching Daddy do the same thing to his quad!}

It got really hot out there!
But Jordan, and his friend made the best of it by eating a popsicle.

This was Jordan's very 1st popcicle, and he loved it!
He ate it like a pro : )

Here's Jordan doing a little more exploring.
Don't you just love his riding outfit?

Nina invited one of her friends to come along with us.
They had a great time riding around!
We can't wait to go out again!